010 Your Life Your Success – 10 Tips to Being Unforgettable


Leo Laporte, NMX

I just returned from NMX 2013 in Las Vegas and I was a bit disappointed in myself for not being my most energetic, most healthy me. I had gotten a horrible eye infection on the flight to Vegas and I felt a bit under the weather during the entire event; definitely not the best circumstances to make people remember me in the most positive way.

But how do you actually network in such a way that people will not forget who you are, even if they’ve met hundreds of people in only a couple of days?

In this episode of Your Life Your Success, I share 10 steps on how you can become a highly successful networker and make a ridiculously amazing impact on people’s lives.

With these 10 tips, nobody will ever forget you and lose you in the crowds.

  1. Get plenty of sleep before the conference. The less sleep you get, the less likely you’ll make the conference a huge success. Come to the event refreshed, relaxed and energized by giving yourself plenty of sleep at least a week before the conference starts.
  2. Prepare. Find out details about the event. Take a look at their online presence and forums to learn more and connect with others. Take a look at the speakers and see who you’d love to talk to.
  3. If you’re shy, reach out to others on the web before and make a few dates.
  4. Give yourself breaks. It’s OK to spend some time on your own, take a walk, relax or even get a massage. You’ll come back rejuvenated and ready to give it your all.
  5. Leave the notebook and gadgets at home. This’ll give you the opportunity to connect for real and will take away the temptation to check Twitter “just one more time”.
  6. Smile. The more you smile at yourself and others, the better.
  7. Don’t go into a conversation with an agenda and instead take it as it comes. Have fun talking to people about anything and nothing instead of trying to foce the conversation in a certain direction.
  8. Be curious about others and don’t push yourself on others and instead ask more questions. The more you get to know about people the better. Shine a light on their personality, their hobbies and passions and show a real interest in who they are and what they’re all about.
  9. Be yourself. Don’t try to pretend to be someone else in order to be liked or because you believe that your most natural you is not good enough. People deserve to see and talk to the real you, so don’t put on a mask or hide behind a curtain. Show, who you really are.
  10. Breathe. In the end, it’s not as serious as we often make it out to be. So, sit back, relax a bit and enjoy yourself.

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