Can $100 Change Your Life?

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Yes, there’s no doubt about it!

Change doesn’t take a lot of money, it doesn’t even take a lot of time.

All it takes is YOU.

You can create the life you want. You can create the feelings you deserve. You can create the work you dream of. You can create it. You just have to, well, take action.

And that’s where you fail, isn’t it?

Heck, I know. I’ve just introduced the 28 Loving ReAwakenings and most of you will never take action, will never do something about it, even though you yearn to love yourself, your body and your life.

But you’re resisting to invest in yourself. You’re resisting to change.

It sounds harsh, but it is the truth.

You can do whatever you yearn to do, feel whatever you want to feel and be whoever you dream to be.

But you can’t always do it alone. That’s why having the support of a community of like-minded, inspired, motivated peers is such an important and life-changing asset to have.

To inspire you and motivate you, Natalie Sisson put together the $100 Change Program, a program I’m part of and absolutely loooove it, that helps you be inspired by 100 people in 100 days. Here are a few extraordinary quotes. Ready?

What valuable lesson has failure taught you?

First of all, I recognize that having fears is a completely natural part of being human, so I don’t get too wrapped up in trying to not have them in the first place.

To address fear so it doesn’t stop me, I ask myself 6 questions (the first 4 are credited to The 4-Hour Workweek, by Tim Ferriss):

1. What is the absolute worst that could happen if I did what I am considering?

2. What steps could I take to repair damage or get things back on the upswing (if things don’t work out), even if temporarily?

3. What are the outcomes or benefits, both temporary and permanent, of more probable scenarios?

4. What is it costing me “ financially, emotionally, and physically “ to postpone action?

5. Once I start, what would be the first sign of being off-track?

~ Nisha Moodley, Founder of Fierce Fabulous & Free, where she takes change-making women on incredible adventures worldwide

What key piece of advise has had the most impact on your life?

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, and dream for tomorrow.”

To me this means, learn from what you have done. If you don’t learn from mistakes, then they remain mistakes.

Live for today. It is all you have. You can only act today. Today is where things get done.

Have goals for the future. If you only live in the past or present, you are not planning and preparing for future success.

~ Craig Jarrow, Creator of the Time Management Ninja.

What key methods do you use to stay focused on your activities?

First, I begin with the end in mind. I set a clear vision for the priorities I want to reach.

Second, I recruit a team to support me as I pursue my priorities. I recruit team members who can help me stay focused, marshal the resources I might need along the way and give me advice and feedback to ensure I’m headed in the right direction.

Third, I develop a detailed plan. You can’t travel across the country without a roadmap or a GPS, and you can’t stay focused on your priorities without a plan to guide you along the way.

Fourth, I follow the plan. I adjust the plan to avoid pitfalls and take advantage of new opportunities, but with the help of my team, the clear vision and the right plan to get me there, I will stay focused and achieve my priorities.

~ Susan Butler, CEO of the Susan Bulkeley Butler Institute for the Development of Women Leaders which is committed to the development of women.

What’s a nugget of wisdom that is worth $100 to you?

There’s real beauty in imperfection, so quite waiting for perfect and just start today.

Too many people don’t ever start on their dream project or idea because they make it too complicated or they use a million excuses.

They say they can’t start until their website is launched, their logo is perfect, they’ve become a better writer, all the their ducks are in a row.

The tragedy is, these people never ever make their dreams a reality because they never give themselves permission to start. Just ship it, and iterate from there. Launch and go and continually tweak and improve.

Your gifts need to be unleashed to this world today, not tomorrow. And the dream bank has way too many deposits piling up in it, so withdraw yours now and turn it into reality.

You only have one life, so don’t waste another day. Do it now.

~ Natalie Sisson, Suitcase Entrepreneur and Founder of $100 Change Program designed to get you to take action today.

What’s your daily ritual to set yourself up for success?

I start my day with 20-30 minutes of meditation. No emails, no news, no noise. Just me and my breathing. It’s incredible what just a few minutes of solitude, a few moments of reflection at the beginning of the day do for your wellbeing and your work.

It’s in those moments where I get the strength for my 15 hour days. It’s in those moments where I get the peace to be who I am. It’s in those moments where I get the inspiration I need to do the work I do. It’s life-changing.

I then do half an hour of yoga, which connects my body with my mind and wakes my tired body up.

After these two actions, I’m ready for my day and for creating success every single minute.

~ Anne-Sophie Reinhardt, Self-Love Advocate and Creator of the 28 Loving ReAwakenings

P.S. If you join the $100 Change movement between today and November 9th, you can win 1 of 50+ prizes in the $10.000 Change giveaway. Sounds good? Check it out here.

Check out my video to see what makes this initiative so very awesome.

Chime in and tell us YOUR answers to the 5 questions above! Go!

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  • Natalie Sisson

    Love it, and love the change makers wise words too. Especially that quote from Nicole Fende. Thank you thank you for allowing me to joint write this blog post and I hope it’s seen by many to start people’s November off on the right foot!

    • Anne-Sophie

      I love the quotes too. Thanks a lot for the inspiration, Natalie. I hope that more people will see the value of the program and are inspired to finish this year off strong.