002 Your Life Your Success – Finding Freedom with Sarah von Bargen


In this second episode of Your Life Your Success, I am honored to talk to Sarah of yesandyes.org.

Sarah is a copywriter and professional blogger. She helps small businesses and self-employed creatives make a name for themselves on the internet and create content people want to forward to all their friends and add to that Favorites folder.

We talk about

- her blog yesandyes.org

- her passion for traveling

- her time in Germany

- her definition of success

- her inspiration

- her inspiration for her blogging series “True Story”

- the challenges that come with traveling and being self-employed

- her book recommendations (affiliate links):

- her favorite action tip for you to take your life in your own hands

- some words of encouragement and how to deal with

You can find Sarah on her blog or her professional website.

Thank you so much for listening to Your Life Your Success. I’m so happy that you’re taking control of your life. If you like this podcast, why not share it with others?

In the comment section below, tell us what your definition of freedom is and if you have already achieved it.

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