How Would You Like To Wake Each Morning Filled With A Sense Of Complete Contentment?

Here is the good news - total peace of mind IS an achievable state.

Do you suffer from any of the following?

  • Exhaustion
  • Emotional pain
  • Self-doubt
  • Self-loathing
  • The feeling of never ever being  ENOUGH

Believe me, you can BANISH those negative, soul destroying feelings from your life, completely and starting RIGHT NOW. I should know I used to suffer from them myself.

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I would like to let you in on a little known secret; everything you need to live a happy and fulfilled life is already INSIDE YOU. All you need is the trigger to reawaken your natural, inner contentment.

And through a long process of study, exploration, experimentation and belief I have discovered that trigger. What I have uncovered I now want to share with you.

I can show you the path to the most important element of your life, one that that you are missing right now, one that will allow all the other pieces of your life to fall into place and give you a life of happiness. This trigger will give you the life you have been dreaming of.

This critical element is the element of SELF-LOVE.

You were born with it, you are entitled to it and no matter what life has thrown at you I can show you how to get it back.

Make no mistake.

Self-Love is the most important asset in your life.

It embraces you when your world is falling apart.

It comforts you when you feel utterly overwhelmed.

It eliminates self doubt.

And it wraps you in its warm embrace when it feels like everything is falling apart around you.

Self-love is the most undervalued and underused tool there is.

I know what I am talking about, I lived my life without this crucial element for decades.

Until I discovered the secret to self love every day was a struggle. I felt I was not thin enough, smart enough, or determined enough. In fact I was constantly filled with a feeling that I WAS JUST NOT ENOUGH.

Every day started with me waking with a dread of what the day would bring.

Do you know how every day starts now?

I wake and open my eyes and let the feelings of joy and contentment wash through me. Another day is just another opportunity to make more of myself and do more for other people. I call this my happiness bubble and it is now a constant state for me.

With my guidance you too can begin every day with your own happiness bubble. And it is a bubble that will last, wrapping you in peace.

Is this program for you?

Would you tick yes to any of the following?

I can’t stand myself.

I feel something is missing in my life.

I don’t really know myself or what I want from life.

I never feel satisfied.

I feel listless and life just isn’t the way I’d like it to be.

I feel sad, exhausted and need a change.

I want to radically transform my life.

I wake up filled with a sense of doom.

I long to be happy, healthy and free.

I yearn to love myself.

Then you need this program.

I wish this program had been available when I started the long painful journey to self love. But at least through that journey I now have the answer that allows me to help people who feel like I did, people like you.

I am not doing this to get rich, my primary motivation is to help. So, though this program took me years to put together and cost me thousands in study and exploration, I am willing to share it with you for only $97.


To put your mind at rest, I also want to offer you the most extraordinary guarantee.

My Self-Love Promise

I guarantee you that within 28 days my program will have conquered your inner doubts and given you back the self love you deserve.

If you follow the program for 28 days and you are not filled with peace of mind then I will return every cent of the money you have spent. All you need to do is send me an email, no questions will be asked of you.

And to make sure your contentment is a permanent state, I give you a full 12 months to think about it. Ask for your money back any time in the first 12 months and you will receive it.

So as you can see my offer is risk free. All you have to lose are the soul eating negative feelings you are now experiencing.

The Loving Details

10 Video Awakenings

9 Audio Awakenings

9 Text Awakenings

The 28 Loving Reawakenings will be conveniently delivered to your Email Inbox

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$197 $97

STOP your inner war today and bring peace to your mind and body.

PS: I’m sure you’re still reading this for a reason. You obviously yearn to be at peace with you who are, but maybe you’re unsure whether or not you deserve to come to such a place. 

I’d like you to try something with me now…

Imagine that in 28 short days you’ve created a strong self-care routine, helping you to have an intimate and loving relationship with the person you are. Imagine how incredible it would feel to know that you are worthy, lovable and deserving of all the happiness in the world. Imagine what it would feel like to know that you don’t have to change, lose weight or negate your true nature to completely accept yourself. 

You’re not that far away from that reality right now.

Now on the other hand imagine what would happen if you never stepped up and made yourself a priority. Imagine how your life would be impacted. Imagine how much more pain or despair you’d remain in if you, yes YOU, didn’t take action and unabashedly loved yourself in the way only you know how.

Imagine the suffering that would be created by you not doing this.

So, what’ll it be? Which choice will you make?

Click here if you want to change your life. 

Anne-Sophie ReinhardtWho’s behind this craziness?

I’m a twenty-something German girl who survived a 14-year long battle with anorexia. I hated myself for such a long time that I stopped believing I could ever EVER be at peace with who I am. I was hopeless, desperate and close to death, but then I woke up and I started to see that I worthy, lovable and beautiful, inside and out.

I slowly fought my way back to live and fell head over heels in love with myself. I love my life and I would never want to go back to the hell of being disconnected from my core.

I’m the owner of aMINDmedia and I’ve built this business to spread the message that self-love and body-love is possible for everyone!

Other than that, I love to podcast, travel the world, read books on any subject there is, practice yoga and meditation and hang out on social media.

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Do you have questions about the book or concerns I can help you with? Simply send me an email to and I will gladly help you with whatever is on your heart.