003 Your Life Your Success – Get Paid for Being You with Laura Simms


In this episode of Your Life Your Success, I am joined by the gorgeous Laura Simms of CreateAsFolk.com.

Laura Simms is a trained, MFA-wielding career coach who helps women discover and thrive at purpose-driven work. She brings a creative edge to career transition, and starting or growing a business rich with money and meaning

In the episode, we talk about the following:

- her current career as a coach

- her time as an actress and why she quit her career

- what it took for her to leap from acting to coaching

- why she felt betrayed by her desire not to act anymore

- how she defines success

- the way she shows herself love and how she makes herself a priority

- her book tip (affiliate link): The 4 Agreements

- her action tip for helping you to live your authentic life

- A piece of wisdom: Get serious about gratitude.

Be sure to listen to the interview to find out what else we discussed.

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