004 Your Life Your Success – 7 Kick-Ass Steps to Get out of Your Own Way


Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

Let’s face it, we all stand in our own way more often than not.

We have these high hopes and dreams, but we remain in paralysis because we simply don’t believe we have what it takes. Or maybe we do, but we keep procrastinating and waiting for our future self to take the difficult steps towards success.

And that’ll never happen, right?

But the world needs you, your voice and your talent. So, let’s get out of our own way with these 7 Kick-ass tips.


1. Train your action muscle with one small action a day

Take small actions in any area of your life on a daily basis to get comfortable moving forward in life.

2. Understand your thoughts

Your thoughts run like a well-oiled engine. They keep repeating themselves every single day. You can’t change that, but you can change the reaction you have to what’s going on inside your mind.

3. Trust yourself

Believe in yourself and know that everyone experiences fear. The more you trust that you do what you’re meant to do the better.

4. Exercise to test your limits

There’s nothing more empowering than overcoming mental barriers in the gym. Try to really stretch your comfort zone and see how much more open to change you’ll be if you keep practicing this simple step.

5. Create healthy habits

Start a journal, practice gratitude, eat clean, stay positive and speak in gentle tones to yourself.

6. Surround yourself with the right people

The more positive, creative, happy and ambitious friends you have the more you’ll adopt these characteristics. Another great way to stay on track is to have an accountability partner or a mastermind group.

7. Create a vision board to know where you’re headed

You can’t create your future if you don’t know what it is you actually want. So, take some time for yourself and create a vision board with words, pictures, phrases, mantras, anything. This is fun and serves as a great reminder when you feel down and unmotivated.

On to you, what are your ideas to get out of your own way? I’d love to hear them. 

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  • Paul

    Thank you for this message, I needed it today! I just came back from a great seminar with lots of ideas, and made a note to update my vision board, but haven’t done it yet :) I’m absolutely going to take one small action on it every day though, because I totally agree it is a big key to always have your goals in the forefront of your mind. I heard a saying this last weekend and it is from T. Harv Eker, who says “The bigger the Why, the easier the How”. It’s one thing to get clear on the Why, which is huge, but if you don’t keep it with you and on your mind all the time, it is so easy to forget.

    So thank you for the Kick-Ass steps, they helped! :)

    • http://aMINDmedia.com/ Anne-Sophie

      Brilliant quote and it’s true. Connecting with why you do what you do is essential to make something happen, but you also have to, well, work to get to where you want to go. Oh, and good for you to commit to taking one action step a day. This’ll keep you from feeling overwhelmed and it’ll keep you on track.