Want more purpose, clarity, self-love and wealth in life? I give you the advice, resources and self-empowerment you need to succeed.

My mission is to create insightful, motivating and relevant content that helps you reconnect with your true self and expose your potential, personally and professionally.

It is you who stands in your own way of creating the life that you truly want and, quite frankly, need in order to be happy, fulfilled and ridiculously healthy.

By reawakening your self-worth, facing your fears, defining your core and getting rid of all excuses, you will find your way to your true purpose and give yourself/the world your biggest gift: your authentic, confident self.

With this goal in mind, I founded aMINDmedia, a media empire in the making that focuses on YOU and helps you to:

Empower Yourself.

As an anorexia survivor, I know how important it is to have a sharp and personal understanding of your worth and worthiness as a person.

Living in a self-imposed prison for 14 years has given me the insight that there is nothing more destructive than being crippled by insecurities, limiting (self-)beliefs and an lack of direction and perspective.

Buying into the lie that I was a “nothing” early on in my life and finally breaking the chains of this mindset has given me the sheer uncontainable desire and motivation to show you that there is invaluable treasure inside you and that nobody has the right to tell you otherwise, that includes your own self.

This is why I write on Life Empowerment in the forms of:

Body Image, Self-Love, Self-Care, Health, Mindset, Love & Relationships, Career & Business and Wealth.

This includes finding your strengths, evolving constantly, reconnecting with your yearnings and learning to accept, love and understand yourself on a level you have never experienced before.

To help you kickstart your journey to an empowered life, I created a 22-part free online course for you. This free course will help you uncover your true potential and live a smarter and healthier life (promised!).

Never compare your inside with somebody else’s outside ~ Hugh Macleod

Know your Self-Worth. Uncover your Wealth. Be Your Own Success.

Everything starts with empowering yourself. 

If you want to learn more about how the philosophy behind Empower Yourself can help you reach your maximum potential, then check out my coaching offerings here.

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About Anne-Sophie

My name is Anne-Sophie. I grew up in the South of Germany in a teeny tiny village and a beautiful home. But, as so often, appearances are deceiving and my childhood was anything but happy and quiet. I grew up longing to be free, self-confident, healthy and create that strong and loving family that I only had in part. Through many detours, I found the love of my life in 2010 and married only 6 weeks after our first date.

Since that day, I started my fight against my raging eating disorder and I began the slow process of healing inside and out. By letting go of my awful past and my eating disorder, I grew into a healthy, motivated and energized young woman with a mission to change the world. I love my husband to pieces and we connect on a more deeper level every single day.

I love to travel the world, which fulfills me in more ways than I can express. I have fallen in love with yoga and I am working on my patience while failing to do this asana or that. I have found a balance in exercise that I never had before. I enjoy cooking, eating and experimenting with new kinds of food.

I love to read all kinds of books. I love my gadgets and I’m a material girl at heart.

refuse to ever believe that I am not an invaluable addition to this world and I encourage you to do too!

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