Blogs & Podcasts I’m Grateful For

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I don’t have to tell you that it’s Thanksgiving in the US, but I’ll do it anywhere.

It’s Thanksgiving! w00t! Happy Celebrations to all living in America.

And to the rest of the world: Happy Thursday.

Everybody is doing Gratitude lists today and since I’m a copy cat as proven by one blogger, I thought I’d go with it and copy the theme.

Sooo, today, I want to spread some blog love and share my most beloved blogs and podcasts with you.


1. Roots of She

2. Abundance Tapestry

3. The Change Blog

4. Deva Coaching

5. The Art of Non-Conformity

6. Radiant Soul Space

7. Mara Glatzel

8. Positively Positive

9. Yes and Yes

10. Boost Blog Traffic

11. Own Your Awesome

12. Ordinary Courage

13. Jonathan Fields

14. Gala Darling

15. The Suitcase Entrepreneur

16. Kate Northrup (whom I got to interview for my new podcast Your Life Your Success!)

17. The Freedom Experiment

18. Wild Sister

19. Create as Folk



1. Jillian Michaels

2. The Break with Father Roderick

3. The Book Review Podcast

4. Eventual Millionaire

5. Airline Pilot Guy

6. The Self-Publishing Podcast

7. The Meditation Podcast

8. Beyond the To-Do List

9. Your Life Your Success (shameless self-promotion here…)

10. Authentic Life Radio

Without these daily or weekly inputs of positivity, perspective and love, my world wouldn’t be half as amazing as it is.


 On to you; what are YOUR favorite blogs and podcasts? 

Tell us, so that we can all check them out! 

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  • Otiti

    Thank you for including me, Anne-Sophie! I feel like I’m in hallowed company, LOL.

    My favourite blogs are Cash and Joy, Alexandra Franzen, Justine Musk, Danielle LaPorte, The Middle Finger Project, and The 30 Year Old Ninja. Some of my faves are already in your list, so I won’t repeat them again. ;)

    I actually don’t listen to that many podcasts because I have to do it on my laptop, but I likr BlogCast FM, The Suitcase Entrepreneur, and The Accidental Creative. I guess I’ll be able to keep up with more once/if I ever get an iPhone or something.

    • Anne-Sophie

      Your place is well deserved, Otiti. Those are great blogs and I haven’t heard of some. Thanks for sharing. :)
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