Do you Have a Bucket List?

I’m knee deep in writing applications for writing jobs in NYC and I need a bit of a distraction.

Also, I’m frustrated that iTunes isn’t working and that the whole launch of Your Life Your Success got screwed.

So, I thought I’d get creative and share my bucket list with you.

What IS a bucket list?

It’s basically just a list of things you’d love to do in your life. All the things you want to achieve, see, experience, taste, create and more.

I just started creating mine a few weeks ago and I’ve added a few things to it every single day. I even created a pinterest board for it. I’ve extended my list to my goals in business and life.

It’s such a great way of dreaming and visualizing and, well, wasting a bit of time. But we all need dreams, don’t we?

Soooo, here’s what I’ve got.

1. Travel through Sweden, Finland and Norway

2. Fly my own plane

3. Visit my friend Winnie in Belgium

4. Grow this incredible community!

5. Be a millionaire before I’m 26.

6. Have Caldo Verde in Portugal

7. Visit the Imperial Palace in Tokyo

8. Looking down at Hong Kong from Victoria Peak

9. Celebrate the Holi Festival in India

10. Hike the Chinese Wall

11. Discover Prado’s footsteps in Madrid

12. Buy the Reischachhaus from my parents

13. Backpack through Thailand

14. Cambodia

15. Canada: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver

16. See the Pyramides in Egypt

17. Marvel at the beauty of South Africa

18. See the wilderness of Kenia

19. Dance in Brasil

20. Have a bloody steak in Argentina

21. See the Arctic lights

22. Speak Arabic

23. Bathe in Iceland’s hot springs

24. Get lost in the nature of Ireland

25. Discover undiscovered places in Papua New Guinea

26. Live in NYC in my own loft

27. Fly First-Class

28. Empower girls in the 3rd World

29. I want to see what all the rave of New Zealand is all about

30. Visit Singapore

31. Have fun in Bahamas

32. Go on a cruise

33. Istanbul and its awesome culture

34. Visit Greece

35. Write for Copyblogger

36. Be a guest on

37. Be interviewed by Bernardo of

38. Become a better photographer

39. Be on the NYTimes Bestseller ListAnne-Sophie Reinhardt

40. Have houses all over the world (oh yeah)

41. Have dinner with the President

42. Be a member of the Roots of She Tribe

43. Take my mom to all the places she never got to go

44. Travel to Tasmania

45. Discover Greenland

46. Relax in Bora Bora

47. Do the same in Fidji

48. See Amsterdam

49. Build aMINDmedia to a renowned wellness brand

50. Meet Tim Gunn

51. Meet Jillian Michaels

52. Have my own TV show (I think that’s a childhood dream) in order to share body-love and self-love

53. Watch wales in Hawai’i

54. Ke a keynote speaker at a women’s conference

55. Speak French fluently

56. Speak Portugese

57. Have a room full of shoes and clothes (Carry Bradshaw-like)

58. Have a house at the beach

59. See the beauty of Colorado

60. Meet Marie Forleo

61. Become a better yogi

62. Meditate in India

63. Have a partner who is funny, smart, sexy, sarcastic, loves to travel and has a healthy relationship with food.

64. I give up trying to list all the places I want to visit. I just want to see this beautiful world.

65. Show my parents that I’m capable of standing on my own two feet.

I could go on and on, but I have to get back to writing applications and making those dreams come true.

I want to read your bucket list. Share it with us below.

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  • Susu Paris Chic

    First, traveling in Finland. I’ll meet you there and organize a stay for you as long as you’d like;)

    I also see you on NY and shoes galore…

    My list:

    dance salsa in Cuba

    listen to the pan flute in South America

    visit Africa and dance there

    live 2 years in NYC

    have a house on the Mediterranean Coast, most likely Nice

    stay a summer in Italy

    be invited to fashion shows in London, NY or Paris

    live from my English teaching business, some art and some fashion blogging

    A spontaneous flow… always the best, huh?

    • Anne-Sophie


      Those are awesome. We have sooo much in common. Nice is a beautiful place. Did you know how much I love the Côte d’Azur? I often call it my second home. :)
      I’m certain you will get invited to some fashion shows and we’ll do that shopping tour soon, OK?

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