Let's Dance, Have Fun and Change Your Life

Anne-Sophie Reinhardt

Admit it… you’ve wondered.

You’re trying and trying and somehow you always feel, well, blah.

You hate your body. You don’t connect with yourself. You can’t stand your job. And your life is just nothing like the one you secretly dream of.

All of your friends seem to have their shit together while you’re floating back and forth, not really knowing which direction to choose.

In short, your life BOMBS.

I can relate. I’ve been there. I’ve started 3 different courses of studies. I’ve moved across oceans and back. I’ve even dug myself into the hole of being anorexic and severely depressed. All in the search of myself, my way and my needs.

But, I’ve turned it around. Completely.

Now, I love my body. Now, I am crazy about the work I do and I’m actually super successful too. Now, I know exactly what it is I want and now, my life is just effin’ incredible.

Sounds awesome, right?

I’m not telling you this just to brag (although I like telling the world about how cool my life is). I’m telling you this because I want you to see that you can turn your life around, no matter how bad you think it is.

But sometimes you just can’t do it alone, right? You know everything there is to know. You have done all the research in the world, but you are treading water. You’re doubting your every move. Your inner demons are holding you back from taking action, taking a leap of faith or facing your biggest fears.

You just need someone else to lovingly kick your butt and help you put your life back in gear.

That’s what I’m here for if you want me to be.

Soooo, are you ready to work with me?

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Shoot me an email at anne-sophie@amindmedia.com with what it is you want and we’ll schedule a FREE 20-minute call to see if we hit it off, OK?


Let’s see if we can dance. 

Who you are:

You are ready to invest in yourself, your life and your happiness!

You yearn to build a relationship with yourself and connect with your true, most delicate core.

You want to madly fall in love with your body.

You are ready to own up to your life.

You are committed to making the changes that need to be made to create the life you truly want.

You are ambitious in becoming the best version of yourself.

You want to fall in love with yourself but have no idea how.

You are ready to work your cute behind off because you know your work can change the world.

You need some encouragement and outside perspective to take the next steps in your life.

You are yearning to find out what your definition of a successful life really is.

You want to kick off your next project with a bang and need some guidance in the process.

You are fun, loving, caring and a generally happy person.

You want to, well, take over the world. 

Who you’re not:

A naysayer.

A complainer.

A lazy butt.

An energy sucker.

Really, I don’t have any patience for that and it’s better if we stay away from each other.

Soooo, what do you say?

Are we a match?


Here’s what I have to offer:

Create Your Own Success

I’ve gone from not having the tiniest clue what to do, not having a university degree to successfully building two blogs in less than a year and have made a name for myself in the online and offline world. I’ve successfully published 2 eBooks, launched an online course, booked speaking gigs at renowned conferences and have become a go-to person when it comes to self-love and self-empowerment.

Now, that success didn’t come without paying my dues. Overcoming these obstacles and challenges has given me a lot of insight into how to go about designing your career, finding your way, creating your products and marketing your message.

Together, we can find out what it is you want, when you want it and how to go about it.

Find a Way to Love Yourself 

I’ve begun to love myself, inside and out, by learning, combining and adapting strategies, processes and practices that are more powerful than anything I’ve seen and heard of. I can relate to challenges and struggles on a first-hand basis, which makes working with me especially rewarding.

I’ve overcome my struggles with food and have found my way to a balanced, healthy diet while keeping a super hot body, if I may say so myself. I can eat anything I want, when I want and stay thin and I’m not even one of those women who are blessed with great genes. I’ll tell you my secrets and show you how you can achieve the same.

Empower Yourself 

I’ve learned to voice my opinion without shame. I’ve transformed myself from a tiny little mouse who was terrified of talking to people on the phone to podcasting, creating videos and even public speaking.

I’ve worked on a lot of fears, completely changed my mindset and transformed my thoughts.

If you’re ready for a big life-change, then it’s crucial to empower yourself. We can make it happen and once you tweak a few things you believe and think about yourself, you’ll see that you can achieve anything you want.

What does it cost to work with me?


At first.

Free - Burst Badge OrangeShoot me an email at anne-sophie@amindmedia.com with what it is you want and we’ll schedule a FREE 20-minute call to see if we hit it off, OK?

If we’re having a good time chatting with each other and we feel good about each other, you can book the following gigs:

A Single Session of 1 hour: $195

3 Sessions of 1 hour each priced $495

10 Sessions 1 hour each priced $1595.

You only have one life to live and wasting it is simply not acceptable. So, believe in yourself and in your incredible value!

My coaching sessions are limited and I usually have a waiting list, so if you want a big change, you may want to act now.

Are you ready?


I’m looking forward to helping you create your own incredibly awesome, fun and fulfilling life!

So, write that email and I’ll answer you within 12 hours!