How I Unleashed My Inner Legend and How You Can Tap Into Yours

Had you met me a year ago, you’d have met a tiny, insecure girl with no self-confidence whatsoever. Today, I am standing tall, voice my opinion and make an impact on other people’s lives.  

The past year was a year of transformation, finding myself and evolving into a woman who is not afraid of facing the world and claiming her spot as a young entrepreneur

I was a pretty self-confident child, always leading a group, thinking of new projects, performances or plays. Around the age of ten, however, the years of being emotionally and physically tormented by my older brother started to hurt my confidence in big ways.

I started dieting and soon was battling anorexia nervosa in order to compensate for many traumatic events. Over the next fourteen years my self-esteem sank to a minimum and my life seemed to go nowhere but a place like hell. 

When I finally got treatment and confronted myself with the difficult question of who I was all about, I was terrified. I was my eating disorder, nothing more. What would happen if I let go of the only thing I knew how to do? What would people see in me if I didn’t look frighteningly thin?

It took a lot of meltdowns and many therapy sessions in order to figure out who I really was and what I had to offer the world. 

Breaking yourself down in order to build yourself up again is emotionally draining and shows you your mental limits more often than you’d like, but it often is the only thing that will make you stand out from the crowd and gives you a rock-solid base that others simply don’t have. 

Going through this process has enabled me to unleash my inner legend and I’d like to show you how you can do the same. 

Find Out Who You Truly Are

This is the hardest question to ask, but if you want to succeed in life, you need to know yourself from the inside out. Don’t shy away from spending a lot of time either in meditation or whatever form of self-reflection you prefer.

It’s not narcissistic to build a relationship with yourself, it’s essential and it is your right. Ask yourself basic questions about your preferences for tastes, music, movies, colors and then go into the deeper topics like how you truly want to live your life, what career you really want to pursue, what kind of relationship your heart desires.

We live in such a fast-paced world that we often forget to nurture ourselves. However, the more you know yourself the better your chances for living a massively successful life.  

Zone in on Your Passions, Talents and Skills

Once you have dug deep and developed a more intimate relationship with yourself, you should have a broad knowledge of what your passions really are. I truly believed I wanted to be a surgeon, but I never, ever enjoyed the scientific subjects.

I was a bit off-track to say the least. It took a three months long stay at a treatment facility for me to take the time and ask myself what I actually love to do. The answer was nothing close to the medical field. I love to design, create, inspire and write.

That is what I am good at, that is my love and life and that is what I truly want to do. 

The more in tune you are with your talents and passions, the better your ability to carve out the performance of your life. 

Optimize your health 

When I started my self-discovery, I was in a very, very dark place. I was on the brink of death weighing less than most elementary school kids and my mind was a complete and utter mess.

As I took tiny baby steps in the direction of health, I experienced all kinds of seemingly miraculous transformations. My thoughts were not as scattered anymore, my energy level was in a new realm, my attention span increased and my confidence rose to unknown levels. 

Being healthy, both physically and mentally is one of the biggest obstacles you can have towards uncovering your inner legend. It doesn’t matter if you’re overweight or underweight, you need to get to a place where you are feeding your body a balanced diet in order to let the brain function properly. 

You need to work out on a consistent basis to give yourself not only the feeling of accomplishment and pride, but also to keep your energy level up and strong. The healthier you are, the more successful you will be. 

Become Cristal Clear of Your Goals

You cannot work towards something if you have no idea what it is you want. Define success for yourself and have clear goals you want to achieve. Goals will also give you the ability to stay focused and on course towards achieving what your heart yearns for.

I am dreaming of helping millions of girls and women all over the world in their quest to find their true beauty and living the life their were meant to live. I am working towards creating a company that is known all over the world and pays for my traveling from continent to continent in a quest to make a dent in the universe.

Those are lofty dreams that will keep me preoccupied for a while, but they also give me a purpose and a clear vision of where I am headed. If you haven’t done so yet, do some soul-searching and find out what it is you want to achieve in the time you’re given on this earth. 

Keep yourself inspired and educated

We live in incredible times, don’t we? With the internet at hand, we have access to incredibly successful people and a seemingly endless amount of information. You need to take advantage of this unique chance we have and not only engage with like-minded people, but also educated yourself with the many sources being provided to you. 

I recently had a conversation with a friend who recovered from anorexia and is a bit further down the road of health. A simple conversation with her gave me a huge and much needed push to make the last steps of freeing myself from the constant need for control. I had been treating water for a while but this simple inspiration changed my life forever.

The last thing you want to do in life is being stuck. Life is about evolving, learning, growing and this can only be achieved if you constantly feed your brain new and relevant information. 

Believe in yourself

I strongly believe that the reason why most people will never make it big even if they want to is because they don’t wholeheartedly believe in themselves.

They have doubts constantly occupying their minds, which intoxicates their thoughts and actions in more ways than they realize. If you don’t believe that you can succeed, that you’re worthy of living the life you truly want, then you won’t achieve it. 

You can, however, go after anything if you put your mind to it and the very first step is to simply believe in your power, ability to perform and deservedness of success. 

So, whatever it is you’re dreaming of, whatever transformation you are waiting for, you can actively and successfully chase those goals.

Because, listen, if I can make money doing what I love, then there is no reason in the world you can’t. 

If I can make friends with food, then you can start eating healthy and working out more often. 

If I can overcome my sheer anxiety of speaking up and host my own podcast, then you can go out there and push your fear in the face.

If I can push all my self-hatred to the side and madly fall in love with myself, then you can crush your insecurities and go after the life of your dreams. 

If I can go from a terribly sick, crushed and depressed girl who hardly escaped death to a vibrant, motivated and ambitious young entrepreneur, then you can do pretty much anything if you only work hard enough. 

So, stop the excuses, ditch the doubts and start living towards your true potential today.  

Are you ready? 

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  • Thea | Write Change Grow

    Hi Anne-Sophie

    Just loved this post!! You have done a amazing job coming out of such a bad place into such a wonderful one. I love the message of self-belief and self-love that you are sharing with people and making such a big difference in their lives.

    I so enjoyed meeting you at Blog World and wish we had got to spend more time together. It was such fun and you are such a wonderful, inspiring person. I look forward to having you in my life and becoming closer as time goes on. Can’t wait to meet you again in person one day soon. Until then keep up the great work blogging and helping people.

    • Anne-Sophie

      Hi Thea,

      thanks so much for your comment. I am glad to hear you enjoyed this post. It really was one close to my heart.

      I too loved to see you at BlogWorld and had such a great time. You are amazing, beautiful and so full of positive energy! We’ll have to meet again very, very soon!


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