Ditch the Excuses and Live the Life of Your Dreams

dreamsThere comes a time in every person’s life when you either own up to your dreams or you let them die altogether.

You’ve been wanting to do something for years, maybe even decades, but you’ve never had the guts to actually try it.

It was never the right time. It wasn’t the right place. It wasn’t exactly what you’d wanted. It wouldn’t have been responsible.

And blah, blah, blah.

Excuses. Bullshit.

So, you continue to live your life, going through the motions day in and day out.

Unsatisfied. Unhappy. Unfulfilled.

And suddenly you wake up, are 80 years old and ask yourself: What the fuck did I do? Was I out of my freaking mind? Why have I wasted a lifetime of possibilities and opportunities just to be, well, comfortable, normal and responsible? Why did I throw away my dreams just to take the easy road?

But it’s too late. Life’s over. Your dreams are dead.

Sad, isn’t it? But it’s happening every second. All over the world. And your dreams might be next in line.

Are you letting your dreams die a painful death of negligence?

I won’t.

I’ve always had this dream of moving to NYC. Always. My parents used to joke that I was born on the wrong continent. And, in a way, they were right.

I was drawn to the English language, obsessed with the American culture and longed to explore every part of this huge country.

Over the years and as I’ve discovered the US step-by-step, this fascination and sheer awe has dimmed quite a bit. I’ve seen the reality of the lack of culture, education, health care systems and other political and social problems. I woke up and saw that the US is just another country with ups and downs, positive characteristics and negative ones.

But the love for the people, the enchantment with NYC and other cities didn’t change a bit and my hunger for a life abroad only grew.

But anorexia threw a monkey wrench in my plans and I surrendered. Twice.

Then I got married, moved to Zurich and my dreams seemed to have evaporated.

Turns out, they weren’t. I was just distracted.

Now I’m back on track, however.

And so, I will make it happen.

I’m moving to NYC in December.

I’m taking a leap of faith and I’m making my dream come true.

I’m terrified, but I know that if I don’t do it now, I’m never going to do it.

Now is my time and I’m ready for the next step. I know that I’ve built a strong enough foundation not to fall back into my anorexic ways again. I know that I’ve grown tremendously in the past few weeks alone to conquer all the obstacles that’ll present themselves.

And I know that moving to NYC is the best move for aMINDmedia and my career. NYC, after all, is the city where dreams become a reality and mine will. There’s no doubt about it.

So, here’s what I have:

A ticket to Susan Piver’s Authentic Inspiration Workshop: A Weekend Retreat for Writers from December 7th to the 9th.
Friends. Lots of them.

Here’s what I need:

A flight.
An apartment.
A visa.

As you can see the most important parts are still missing, but I’ve 90 days to show corporate America how great I am, convince them that I’m more than worth the investment and that I am of tremendous value for any corporation.

It’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it. I know that even if times will be tougher than they’re here, I’ll make it work. For my dream.

I’m putting all of my cards in one basket. If you have resources, contacts, relationships, I’d be more than grateful if you shared them with me. I know that by moving to the US, the message of self-love, living your dreams and trusting yourself will be spread wider than I could ever do it from here in Switzerland.

That’s a goal worth pursuing and a mission worth fighting for, isn’t it?

The same is true for all of your dreams. If only you gave them life, they’d create their own movement of hope, inspiration and love. They’d encourage others to do the same and oh man, how awesome this world would become.

Be part of this movement. Be part of the crew. Be part of those who make this world a better place.

Live your dreams and forget about conformity! Stop hiding your shine and shoot for the stars. [Click to Tweet]

Throw away your safety net, embrace your fears and use them to propel you forward, make you work harder, run higher and live better.

Life’s too short not to follow your dreams. What are yours and why haven’t you fulfilled them yet?

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  • http://twitter.com/anca1268 Anca Dumitru

    You better start packing! :)

    Here’s another thing we have in common, apart from being Leos. The love for the Big Apple! NYC is THE only place in the world I’ve been to, which for an unknown reason didn’t want to leave. I didn’t know anybody in NY two years ago when I first got there, yet I never had that feeling anywhere else, not even when I go back home to visit my family. New York has a magnet I’m unable to explain.

    Good for you you’re following your heart! I’m sure that with the support of your friends and your drive you’ll settle down nicely in NY. Brace yourself though. Corporate America (and corporate world in general) isn’t a bed of roses. Since your goal is to be your own boss with aMINDmedia eventually, I have no doubts you’ll work hard to reach this goal. Hell, you’re only 25! :)

    Law of attraction is working and the more you give attention to something, the bigger it’ll get. Keep observing the positive things you’re attracting and they will keep manifesting in your life. You go, girl!

    • http://aMINDmedia.com/ Anne-Sophie

      Thanks so so so much for the positive vibes, Anca. You’re such an amazing source of support.

      Yes, NYC is magical, isn’t it? You’ll have to come visit me once I’m a real New Yorker. LOL I have to say that finding a job will be the hardest thing because, as you said, my goal is to work for myself. But I know that if I like a company, I’ll give them all I’ve got and sometimes you have to adapt and give in a bit to reach your bigger goal, right?

      We’ll see what happens, but it’s definitely super exciting.

  • SallyBR

    In December 1993 I left Brazil with two large suitcases and went to France. Having spli from my first husband, I wanted to start a new “life”, so to speak. There were very tough times, but I cannot tell you how much I love that I did it! In Paris I got the chance of meeting a then co-worker who became my friend and then husband – we work together now, and I emigrated to the US, got my naturalization a couple of years ago. Change is always good, but sometimes it takes time to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I wish you the best of luck, I live in Kansas now, but have lived in California and Oklahoma in the past. Not easy to be a Democrat in Kansas, but at least the town where I live is progressive ;-)

    • http://aMINDmedia.com/ Anne-Sophie

      That’s too cool, Sally. Paris is a beautiful city and the right place to find your partner for life. :) It’s a courageous step to take and I can only imagine that it’s not always a piece of cake, but I’m so happy to hear that it was worth it and I just know that the same is true for me. Oy, stay strong and fight for the good side in Kansas. hehe
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I truly appreciate it.

  • http://suitcaseentrepreneur.com/ Natalie Sisson

    Woot one of my fave cities that I blogged about and did a video on here http://suitcaseentrepreneur.com/build-your-online-business/how-to-hustle-like-a-new-yorker-and-get-more-business-now-video/

    All those things will come to you now you’ve put it out to the world and you can always use StartupStay.com initially to find a host for when you first arrive too!

    • http://aMINDmedia.com/ Anne-Sophie

      I loved this video, Natalie. Thanks for suggesting StartupStay. I had never heard of it. And, yes, it’s going to happen now. :D

  • http://thousandshadesofgray.wordpress.com/ Jill Salahub

    Anne-Sophie, what great news! America certainly needs you :)
    Have you met Susan Piver yet? I took a retreat with her in February, am part of her Open Heart Project, and absolutely adore her. Imagining the two of you working together makes me so happy.

    • http://aMINDmedia.com/ Anne-Sophie

      I haven’t met Susan, but I’m meditating with her too. :) I’m so excited about the workshop. She is truly amazing.

      Empower Yourself

      Am 29.10.2012 um 17:15 schrieb “Disqus” :

  • Jill Leigh

    Good for you Anne-Sophie. It’s such a great thing to do what feels right and real. Authentic living is the only way to fly! Welcome to America! You’re wanted here!

    • http://aMINDmedia.com/ Anne-Sophie

      Yes, it is and thanks so much for the welcome, Jill. :)


      Empower Yourself

      Am 29.10.2012 um 17:26 schrieb “Disqus” :

  • http://www.devacoaching.com/ Sandi Amorim

    So much to love about this post!!! I can feel the inspiration and commitment all the way from the west coast of Canada so it’s clear this IS going to happen. Awesome!

    • http://aMINDmedia.com/ Anne-Sophie

      w00t. That’s what I was hoping for. You should see my smile right now. There’s so much gratitude and love inside. Thanks for the beautiful support, Sandi.

      Empower Yourself

      Am 29.10.2012 um 17:51 schrieb “Disqus” :

  • Tess The Bold Life

    You have walked your talk and now it’s time to come to the USA and strut your stuff!!! Woo hoo! xxo

    • http://aMINDmedia.com/ Anne-Sophie

      WooHoo indeed. What a day. I’m walking on cloud 9.


      Empower Yourself

      Am 29.10.2012 um 19:38 schrieb “Disqus” :

  • http://twitter.com/PilotFire David Delp

    Of course!! Ann-Sophie, our arms are wide up for you. I love New York, and now with you there, I’ll be get better.

    • http://aMINDmedia.com/ Anne-Sophie

      Thanks, David. We’ll have to party together in NYC.


      Empower Yourself

      Am 29.10.2012 um 19:45 schrieb “Disqus” :

  • http://twitter.com/findotitihere Otiti

    Whoaaa, mama! Dynamite! I’m so excited for you and I LOVE NYC as well. I also plan to move back there. Big ups for seizing your dream and I’m positive you’ll get your papers. It’s time to make it happen! ;)

    • http://aMINDmedia.com/ Anne-Sophie

      It is. It’d be awesome to live in the same city as you. I know we’d have a lot of fun.

      Empower Yourself

      Am 29.10.2012 um 23:16 schrieb “Disqus” :

  • Paul

    I can’t tell you how happy I am for you for following your heart and pursuing your dream! So exciting. I know it’ll be great :)

    • http://aMINDmedia.com/ Anne-Sophie

      Thank you, Paul. That means a lot.


      Empower Yourself

      Am 30.10.2012 um 04:20 schrieb “Disqus” :

  • Ella

    Wow, I´m really impressed! :-) AND lucky to read how brave you are. I wish I could be strong as you are / have become. I hope that you will made it – and that you still blog! ;-)

    • http://aMINDmedia.com/ Anne-Sophie

      Hi Ella,

      sooo good to see you here again. You are just as strong as I am. You just don’t know it yet. :) You’ll be able to uncover your strengths, but it might take a bit of time. It did for me. I mean, look at the journey I’ve taken in the last 18 months and more. It’s amazing and I actually talk about that in the last of the 3 self-love videos I sent the email list. Did you watch it? A year or two ago, I was scared of everything, but I grew every day and you do too. Maybe you can set yourself a few challenges to overcome a few fears or to simply strengthen your self-esteem. Maybe I’ll even write a blog post about it. :) I will always continue to blog. I looooove writing and there’s nothing better than receiving feedback and meeting awesome people like you! <3

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  • http://domesticgoddessdawson.blogspot.com/ Deanna Herrman

    I just found this through a random search through your blog so I know it’s an older post but I felt compelled to comment. We are mirror opposites! I’m as American as it gets and yet my whole life I’ve loved the culture of and dreamed of going to Germany. I’ve learned the language (but it’s been many years ago, so I would definitely need a refresher). I haven’t realized the dream as of yet but hopefully someday. Anyhow I love love love your blog (just found it today!) and am looking forward to adding it to my reading list.

    • http://aMINDmedia.com/ Anne-Sophie

      Hi Deanna, thanks a lot for the comment. How funny that we’re the exact opposite. I’m intrigued what fascinates you about the culture of Germany? Thanks for the kind words about the blog. Be sure to go to http://annesophie.us as this is where I write now. :) xxx