Love Yourself Friday Edition #10 – When Did We Stop Listening to Our Bodies?

Do you trust your body to give you the right signals or does your mind, your perception take control of everything you do?

I’ve been struggling with starving myself and binging in the last month. I didn’t listen to my body for a second.

I believe that most of us don’t because we follow fashion, society and the media and believe our heads can and should overrule our bodies signals.

Let’s stop this nonsense and come back to a place of trusting that our bodies know when to eat, when to stop, when to exercise and when to rest.

This weekend, sit down for a few minutes and notice what your body is telling you: Is she hungry? Rested? Anxious? Happy?

Your body doesn’t want to trick you or hurt you, she wants you to thrive in your life! If you remember that, it’s easier to make the healthy and sane choices for yourself and your health.

Check out When did you stop listening to your body on YouTube.

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