Love Yourself Friday Edition #14 – Choose Love over Fear

“Love will immediately enter into any mind that truly wants it.”

I strongly believe those words as I’ve lived them and am continuing to do so every single day.

This hasn’t always been the case though: In fact, up until a few month ago, I was terrified of life and of everything. My ego had me in its firm and fear-evoking grip.

The ego is fear. It lives off fear and it creates it to survive.

It only takes one moment, one tiny mad idea to split your mind into the wrong-minded one: a mind that operates from a place of fear. And the ego is having a blast.

Living out of a place of fear produces judgement, attach, guilt, sin, jealousy, negativity, separation, agony

Those fears can be financial fears, poor health, there’s never enough fear.

But we can turn it around with a few steps. They’re not easy to take, but if you do, your life will change.

  1. Believe in the power of love
  2. Focus on the moment: we’re hardly ever in real danger
  3. Spread love, give hugs
  4. Morning pages
  5. Surrender fear to what’s inside: gratitude, forgiveness, new perspective and perceptions: What if there was no fear? what if fear is not real?
  6. Be willing to see things differently, Be willing to see love. Today, I’m willing to see love. One fear-based moment a day. What if I won’t gain weight? What if I will still be loved?

We will talk about all of these in upcoming episodes. I really look forward to it.

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