Love Yourself Friday Edition 19 – Your Wishes for Your Future Self

Have you ever thought about writing a letter to your 10 years older self with all the wishes, hopes and dreams you have for yourself?


Then, today is your day.

Take out a pen and paper and draft a thoughtful letter to your future self.

Think about how you want to feel in 10 years.

How will your relationship with your body be like? How will you go through your daily life? Where will you be and what will you do?

Don’t focus on your achievements, but go deep within and think about the way you want to feel, the connection you have with yourself and with others.

What will you have learned?

What obstacles you face today will you have overcome?

What’s your attitude about life, love and the world?

What has changed and what hasn’t?

Which advice would you like to share?

And, most of all, how will you be able to fully accept yourself even if your life turns out completely opposite to what you have imagined?

Do this powerful exercise this weekend as it’ll help you get a clearer picture on what you want for yourself and for your life.

Share your revelations in the comment section below.

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  • Paul

    This is such an awesome idea, I love it! It fits so perfectly with something I’ve been thinking about lately. I just had this realization that we all I’m sure have this picture of our ideal selves, which could be our 10 years older self (what reminded me of this). What happens to so many people, (myself whole-heartedly included!) is that it seems like it is so easy to think of that ideal self and say “Wow, that will be so amazing when I am like that, that’ll be awesome”, and even feel great about knowing that’s who you’ll be. But what I realized I did a lot of the time is just leave it at that, and just hope that I’d be like that “someday”. What hit me the other day was that if I don’t take at least small actions NOW, I’ll get to a point in the future and still be thinking “that’ll sure be awesome when I’m like that”. I wrote about this subject, just talking about the fact that we can in fact step into being that person this instant, or at the very least, be WILLING to be open to being that person now, even in small steps. It’s all about doing something or allowing something now though, not “someday”. :) Here’s my post about my thoughts on it, and this goes so perfectly with the 10 years older self to me, it’s so cool you posted this now :) Thanks!

    • Anne-Sophie

      Well said, Paul. Life happens in this moment s d not sometime in the future. I think that once you know what is you want for yourself in the future, you can start implementing it in this very moment. It’s all about the here and now.
      Am 25.01.2013 um 21:28 schrieb “Disqus” :

  • David Delp

    This is such a fantastic exercise. I think younger people especially would be surprised in ten years how much they know about themselves now. Thanks Anne-Sophie!

    • Anne-Sophie

      Thanks, David. I think so too. Sooooo much can happen in 10 years and not just for younger people – for everyone. Just thinking of my mom and how much has changed in her life in the past few years makes me realize that you can always evolve if you choose to. Am 26.01.2013 um 19:16 schrieb “Disqus” :

  • martin

    guys i need help….. my girlfriend has anorexia and i need help to help her over come this she is starting to give up because she got rid of it once n it came back even worse she calls it ana and i know what it means she says that ana makes her feel guilty every time she eats and tells my girlfriend that she will go away once she gets to were she wants her to be. and also she says ana does make her feel good then she tares her back down. guys im lost i need help really bad cause my girlfriend says that ana is here to stay, and she is the only person i have left in this world i love. so please if you have any idea to help please email me at

    • Anne-Sophie

      Hey Martin, I’m really sorry to hear about your girlfriend. She can always get in touch with me if she wants. The most important thing is to be there for her now and take the focus off anorexia. Show her, she’s a real person and so much more than a body. Much love and I’d love to email with her if she wants.