How To Keep The Momentum Going After an Inspiring Conference

You know the drill: You come home from an amazing, empowering and life changing conference and have all kinds of great ideas in your head, ready to change your business and the world.

You have notebooks filled with inspiring quotes, elements to follow up on, collaboration ideas and enormous to-do lists.

Then you come home, the people you have met returned to their respective corner of the world and you are immediately thrown back into the day-to-day grind of your life.

The inspiration evaporates, the thrill is quickly forgotten and nothing you have promised yourself during those energetic days ever sees the light of the day.

There are, however, a few action strategies you can use to keep the momentum going.

Schedule some time to get organized

It is important that you give yourself a few days (yes, days!) to organize what you have learned, whom you have met and what you would like to do after returning with the lessons you have learned.

I have found it to be most effective to block out an entire week after returning home.

It is critical then not to accept other big commitments and focus on all the tasks that accumulated during the convention. The more time you give yourself, the more you your investment into the conference will pay off.

Review your notes

The next step to take in order to keep yourself inspired is to review your notes, maybe copy them into a digital format or order them in the most effective way possible.

I usually scribble down notes in a very disorganized way, so it is extremely important for me to buy a new notebook and organize my thoughts, my quotes and my take-aways from the respective keynotes and workshops.

This exercise serves two purposes: First, by ordering the entries, I order my mind. Secondly, I remind myself of the profound lessons I have learned.

Prioritize your projects and ideas

Even if you were inspired to start a dozen new projects or improve a few of your already existing undertakings, you cannot act upon every single one of them. In fact, if you try to, you’ll soon end up being completely overwhelmed.

Identify, which projects will take little time and which will take more effort. Think about which ideas you would like to implement first and which can wait or maybe can even be eliminated altogether.

Just because your head has been buzzing with ideas after the conference, it doesn’t mean that you have to do everything that initially excited you.

Evaluate what will move your business forward, what will generate income and what is essentially a waste of your time and effort.

Be radical about this process! The fewer projects you keep on your to-do list, the more efficient and successful you will be.

Organize your contacts

When you go to big conferences, you meet a lot of inspiring people with interesting, inspring and extremely encouraging stories.

You promise each other that you will stay in touch, but when you come home and look at all the business cards you have accumulated, it seems impossible to live up to your words.

Use a system like Highrise to organize your contacts, add a few notes about where you have met, what stood out to you and when or why you would like to stay in touch and follow up.

The more work you put into organizing your contacts after a big conference, the more you can draw from it in the future. Going through every single person will also give you a great insight into the people you truly would like to stay in touch with and those you don’t really feel fit into your world.

Reevaluate what you have learned

After doing all of these mostly organizational tasks, it is crucial to give yourself a lot of time to really soak in what it is you have learned and how it will benefit you personally and in your business.

Flip through your notes once again, go through your newest contacts, read your comments and meditate on everything. Remind yourself over and over again of all the inspiring messages you have heard, the people that stood out the most to you and the experiences you will never want to forget.

You don`t have to write anything down, you don`t have to use these moments to do something that is instantly visible to the outside world, but you will eventually see that those moments of reflection will come back to benefit you in one way or another.

This is the most important part of the after-conference-work.

Whether or not you do something with those special memories is up to you, but keeping them in the front of your mind will improve your life in more ways than you can imagine.

After a week of post conference work, you will be able to use your momentum to take your business to the next level. Don’t stress yourself and don’t compare yourself to what the fellow participants are doing.

Just go through this process, be yourself, work extremely hard and you will soon see how far the initial inspiration has taken you and your business.

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  • David Delp

    I can’t tell you how important the prioritization has been for me. After the World Domination Summit I ended up dropping many things off my list, and most of them were things I love doing. Setting priorities is easy until you have to actually decide what you won’t do. I call that my Don’t List.

    • amindmedia

      That is GREAT advice, David. I need to do this, but it is definitely extremely hard. I love to do so many things, but then you have to prioritize and think: what is actually fulfilling a purpose and what brings me closer to my goal of …. . I noticed that my posts over at have been barely non-existent except for the weekly podcast and I am not so sure what that means. At the same time, I really feel drawn to my and this course, but I am scared of alienating people over at *sigh* I probably said more than I should have here, but I am just trying to figure out what to do with my inspiration and what will change the world more effectively. :)
      I need a Don`t List!