Are you a Slave to Money?


We want it. We need it. We have it.

At least, sometimes.

I’ve recently read Geneen Roth’s Lost and Found and it has profoundly changed the way I view my relationship with money.

Up to this point, I thought that I had a rather healthy relationship with this all-too-delicious topic, but – as so often – I was wrong. And oh how very wrong I was. I suddenly saw how messed up my attitude towards money really was.

The whole, unsolicited truth

I believed that I was incapable of making money. Ever. I relied on my parents and then my husband, but never owned up to my own responsibility of contributing to making a living.

That’s also why I’ve always longed to be a young mom. If I was a mom, I wouldn’t have to prove that I can take care of myself. Twisted logic, I know.

And yet, I always wanted money. Lots of it. I always longed for the safety of having enough, even as a little child. Growing up, we always seemed to worry about money and lack it here and there, which is ridiculous looking at everything we’ve had and still have.

I know and have experienced that money doesn’t buy happiness. If anything, my past have proven the opposite. But it does buy security, peace of mind, plenty of incredible possibilities and it provides you with opportunities to give and give and give some more.

And that’s what my heart yearns for. That’s always been my dream.

When I stumbled upon blogging as a business, I was still in the mindset of “I won’t make money anyway”. And yet, I pushed forward, followed my gut, but profit was basically non-existent.

And so I freaked out. A lot. It all felt like a confirmation of my unworthiness, my childhood fears and my brother’s words.

I was useless, worthless and fucking incapable.

Until a few months ago.

That’s when I began to meditate and worked on releasing my fears, blockages and false beliefs.

I opened myself up.

I began to believe that even I could make money, that money wasn’t reserved for a few, more worthy, more able people, that I was worthy of receiving it too.

And suddenly business started prickling in, slowly, but steadily.

I’m no millionaire yet and I still have a lot of issues to figure out, but I’m on a good path. I now see that money is abundant and that we can all have our share of it. Money doesn’t judge, it doesn’t reject you or fear you. It’s just waiting for you to figure out your issues, organize your thoughts and get a crystal clear picture of the role you want money to play in your life.

What beliefs affect the way you view the possession of money or lack thereof?

Let’s find out with a quick question and answer game, shall we?

What do you belief money is?

Women with money are…?

People with money have..?

The lack of money shows…?

Money makes you..?

Why do you accumulate debt without thinking twice about it?

Why do you accumulate money but instantly put it all away?

Why do you give all the money you have away the minute you possess it?

Why would you never give your money to others even in the most dire situations?

Don’t shy away from digging deep and locating what happened in your past that makes you act the way you do.

Remember that awareness and knowledge is power and once you know why you do what you do, you can turn it around, even if it takes a few years and a lot of effort and change.

Don’t give money power over you but claim your power over money.  [Tweet This]

I want to hear from you. What beliefs about money are you holding on to and how does this affect your life?

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