Self-Love Friday Edition #8 – An Instant Self-Esteem Booster

How self-confident are you?

Not that much?

Are you struggling with self-doubts, comparisons, destructive and limiting thoughts and more?

Yeah, I hear you.

It’s so hard to be self-confident in today’s world, isn’t it? We need to look perfect, be perfect, perform perfect and have the perfect life and if we don’t, we beat ourselves up and start to sink into a spiral of insecurity.

That’s why I thought I’d share a cool and fun tip with you that instantly boost your self-esteem.

Implement it this weekend and see how your self-esteem transforms.

Check out How to Boost Your Self-Esteem on YouTube.

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  • Be Inspired! – Susa

    I like looking at pictures of me where I find myself nice. Or dressing up in a way that pleases me. Those little things can boost up to a marvel. But I still have some work to do. Depending on the day. Sometimes I’m doing pretty well, and others… oh la la!

    • Anne-Sophie

      I hear you, Susa. It’s always an up and down, isn’t it? But be proud of the steps you’ve already taken and the habits you’ve created. And remember to always, always be kind to yourself.

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