Self-Love Friday Edition #7 – Being Alone and Why it Rocks

Being alone is often difficult for us, especially when we struggle with self-doubt and even self-hatred. But there’s also something magical about spending time by yourself.

Once we reduce all the noise, all the opinions and influence of others, we start to hear what it is that we actually want, need and desire. And we give ourselves room for new revelations about ourselves and our actions.

Make it a point to spend a few hours all alone every single week. This’ll definitely help your mental and physical health tremendously.

So, here are a few suggestions on what you can do this weekend on your own:

1. Take a walk WITHOUT your iPhone, iPod or other distracting devices (simple, but effective).

2. Have a cup of coffee and do some people watching. It’s super fun.

3. Create art.

4. Take yourself out for dinner.

5. Puzzle.

6. Journal.

7. Travel.

8. Write a letter to yourself.

9. Explore your own city.

10. Go to the movies.

What are your tips for spending time on your own? Please share.

Check out Being Alone and Why It Rocks on YouTube.

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