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This site gives you a short overview over all of the aMINDmedia products, as well as some affiliate programs. Please know that I only promote programs I use myself and truly believe in.

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Baked For You with Love and Care

28 Days. 28 Awakenings.

More Self-Love. More Self-Awareness. More happiness and peace.

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Ready to love your body? Ready to change your life? Learn how I fell in love with my body despite GAINING weight and how you can love yourself too by clicking here.

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Read about the Life-Saving Benefits of Social Media

Loving yourself is the biggest gift you can ever give yourself. In this mini eBook, you find 101 self-care tips and tricks to inspire you to take your first steps into building a powerful, self-nurturing self-love routine.

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Social Media saved my life. Twice.

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A FREE Course that empowers you to live a smarter, healthier life and achieve all the success you’ve ever wished for. Find out more and subscribe here.









Affiliate Love

“Lost time is never found again.” - Benjamin Franklin
So, let’s make sure that you never lose it again. Find out how you can carve out more time without being grumpy, lackluster or tired.








Ready to be part of an awesome community of women from all around the world? I’m honored to contribute to the Wild Sister Magazine every single month. Find out more about the sisterhoodRead my articles here.







A Green Juicing Clinic Intensive


Curious about Green Juicing, but have no idea how to start? Join the Green Juicing Intensive Clinic or find out more here.