So glad you’re Here!

You’re about to dive into loving yourself, your body and your life. One baby step at a time.

Short and sweet:

I’m a twenty-something German girl pursuing her dream of living in NYC.

For the longest time, I was caught in a circle of self-doubt and self-loathing. Now, I’m free, confident and happy with myself and my body.

My mission with aMINDmedia is to help you achieve the same.

What I can do for you

I can help you to:

- Create a healthy relationship with food

- Figure out what you actually want in life

- Make your dream a reality

- Fall head over heels with your body

- Find your self-worth and boost your self-confidence

- Dive into joy, happiness and peace of mind

and much much more.

Curious? Work with me.

Digging Deeper

The truth is that I hate reading and writing About pages.

They’re boring, loooong and unnecessary. And they kind of put the person or the brand in a slightly oppressive corner.

But I also know that everyone has to have one and I want to give you a few more glimpses into the philosophy behind aMINDmedia and Anne-Sophie (aka me). That way, you can find out if we’re a match.

So, here we go. I promise to make it fun.

I write on, teach and live self-love and body-love. Sometimes, I even breathe it.

And often I write about whatever I want to write about. This includes creating wealth, traveling the world, finding fulfillment and bliss. But it also means dishing out on religion, politics, guilty pleasures and trying to figure out what life is actually all about.

My Mission

I believe that every single woman can love her body the way it naturally is.

I dream of creating a world where women love themselves unabashedly, completely and guiltlessly.

I’m passionate about showing you that there is invaluable treasure inside you and that nobody has the right to tell you otherwise, that includes your own stubborn self.

I yearn for you to recognize and reconnect with your talents, your sparkling personality and your beautiful core.

I can’t wait for your eyes to glimmer and your body to thrive.

I can’t wait for you to give yourself and this world your biggest gift: your authentic, confident self.

And I can’t wait for us to create a movement of self-love, self-acceptance and an unwavering sense of self-worth.

Are you in?

To help you kickstart your journey to an empowered life, I created a 22-part free online course for you.

This free course will help you uncover your true potential and live a smarter and healthier life (promised!). Also, you’ll end up falling in love with yourself and who doesn’t want that, right?

 aMINDmedia Products

If you haven’t noticed, I’m passionate about helping you life an overwhelmingly love-filled life.

That’s why I’m so excited about my kick-ass, life-changing and lovingly created products.

They’re all geared towards empowering you to slowly fall in love with your body, mind and soul and live in peace with your appearance and the gifts and talents you were given.

Take a look at the shop and see if there’s something there for you (and I know there is!).


Let’s Have a Little Love Fest

aMINDmedia is all about love, so here are a few things that I am crazy about.

I love…

  • My mommy and sister (Gosh, I really do)
  • That I failed at committing suicide
  • Stilettos
  • Books
  • Starbucks Mochas with a an extra pump of chocolate
  • Stickers of cute baby dogs (the more glitter the better)
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Exploring our beautiful planet
  • Photography (although I suck at it)
  • Podcasting
  • Writing (what a surprise, I know)
  • My arrogant but super pretty cat who I had to leave with my parents
  • Good TV (and yes, there is such a thing)
  • Fashion magazines
  • Making money with meaningful work
  • Soaking up wisdom by talking to my inspiring grandparents
  • You!
  • Connecting with YOU!

    So, let’s do it:

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