Living in your own world of success


Are you excited?

I am!

I’m about to launch my new podcast Your Life, Your Success (iTunes is being a pain, so keep your fingers crossed that it’ll be up tomorrow).

It’s been a long time in the making and it’s the podcast I’m most proud of to date.

The podcast will be a mix of interviews and personal tips and tricks and will be published weekly.

As I’ve been preparing my interviews, one of the questions that I just had to ask my guests was how they define success.

Success is often defined as being rich, right? Money kind of equals a successful person with a successful life. But is that really the truth?

I don’t think so.

I believe that success means something different for all of us. We just have to go within and ask ourselves what we want.

Few of us actually do that though, which means we chase after society’s parameter of success and completely forget about our own wishes. We compare, we try to keep up and ultimately, we end up feeling miserable.

But if you know what success means for you, just you, you’ll be able to create it and live happily ever after. Sounds good, right?

I used to believe

that success was having a corporate job, being a CEO, making tons of money and yes, hating it. That’s why I worked my butt off in school, crying every single morning because I was terrified of school, of my own expectations and of failing to thrive in this society.

Fortunately, life taught me that I was going about it all wrong and I was able to change directions.

Now I have an unwavering sense of what a successful life looks like for me.

For me, success means having thriving relationships, friends who truly love me and whom I love back, people I can rely on and trust (which is something I’ve always had trouble with and the last few days have shown why).

Success is

being proud of you commenting here on this blog, share my posts and spread the self-love movement. Success is empowering women fall in love with themselves; unabashedly, fully and without guilt.

Success means doing work I love and making a living that supports me. It means moving to the city of my dreams and chasing rainbows doing so. Success means being at peace with my body and myself and knowing that no matter what happens in life, I’m fine, worthy and deserving.

Success means having a healthy relationship with money and not being ashamed of wanting it.

It means being able to travel the world and work from anywhere I want.

It means staying true to myself, being proud of myself even when I mess up.

But success also means giving back. A lot. Sharing love, wisdom, help and resources.

I’ve always, always been passionate about equality and women’s rights (ask my dad, seriously). And I know that with my company, my mission I can help thousands of girls who are less fortunate than myself change their lives.

That means gaining loads of money, even being filthy rich to be able to help, help and help some more.

Success means having all those desires and trusting that I’ll be fine if I fail.

Success is evolving constantly and knowing that whatever life throws at me, I’ll be able to deal with it.

Success is community, love and passion. It’s ease, strength and freedom.

Success is being who you are meant to be.

One baby step at a time.

That’s what success means to me.

Do you know?

Have you ever thought about your definition of a successful life? Do you want art, children, a thriving career? Would you love to be location independent, a burden-less minimalist or build a huge home in a loving community? Does success mean that you fully love yourself and your body without going from one diet to the next?

Share and tell us. What does success mean to you and how will you go about achieving it?

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