The moment You Know Your Life Is Never Going to Be The Same

20120708-080923.jpgI’m writing this sitting at a coffee house in in Portland typing on my iPhone, which is a completely different process than I’ve ever used before to write a blog.

Anyways, I’m here to dominate the world with 1000 other world changers and I’m having the best time ever.

I thought BlogWorld was great, but this beats the experience by far.

Portland is gorgeous, the people are fantastic (that’s a huge understatement, really), @pamslim is walking by as I’m typing this and the workshops and talks are and were powerful and incredibly moving.

Brene Brown, whom I adore, opened the summit yesterday morning with a talk about “being uncool” and how to deal with it (more on that in a later post).

I got to talk to her before she went on stage and was giddy with excitement. However, the best part was that she and Chris Guillebeau led us to sing Don’t stop believing, an experience that brings tears to my eyes even know.

I really had to pull myself together not to break down in the theater as this song, this message hit home, especially coming from the queen of vulnerability and shame.

I know that this song, on this day, from this stage and this special person was a sign. It reinforced me in a decision that I’ve been struggling with for months and it made me realize that it is OK to follow your heart and that it is your right to do what you feel is best for you.

There are major life changes coming. I’m scared, but also relieved.

There’s a whole new future ahead of me and this weekend, this experience was the start of it.

Will YOU promise me something?

1. Don’t stop believing.

Whatever it is you are dreaming about or have been dreaming about for years, never ever stop believing that this dream will and can come true.

2. Hold on to that feeling.

Don’t let go of this feeling of hope, motivation and inspiration once it hits you. It’s there for a reason. Don’t let thus chance pass you by.

3. Make the difficult decisions.

Life changes never come without hard decisions, maybe some broken hearts, a few closed doors and ending relationships. But if you know, if you truly know that this is your destiny (hello Locke), then you have to grow up, take charge of your life and do what has to be done.

4. Know that you are enough.

While making hard decisions, having difficult conversations, going unconventional routes, people will tell you all kinds of hateful, harsh and critical “lies”. Don’t listen to them and know that you are and will always be enough, worthy and belong in this world, this situation, your klife more than anybody else.

5. Don’t settle.

If your current path is not the right one for you, change direction and get on the right one! It’s never too late.

6. Ask yourself:

What’s worth doing even if you fuck it up?

And then do it!

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