Why Chris Guillebeau Has Restored My Belief in Humanity

I grew up in a very abusive household. There were lies, beatings, alcoholism, way too many tears, blame and too much shame. It was, as Pink describes it in “Family Portrait” like growing up in WWIII.

It was a nightmare, but all I knew. I adapted to it and developed my own survival techniques, just like a child does in such an environment.

This coping mechanism involved creating a dark, dark place within where all the grief and fear I felt was stored.

It was a place, where there was no hope for love, light, fun and happiness. A place where humans where selfish, dangerous and never to be trusted. A place where life was not worth living.

Years later I got married to a wealth manager. which did nothing but confirm my beliefs of humankind.

Watching on the sideline as my husband was trying to build an integer business, I saw cheaters, liars, posers and psychopaths not caring about the well-being of anybody but themselves.

My dark place grew and was covered with even more layers of desperation and gloom.

The World We Live In

You don’t have to experience such a childhood or marry a guy in the financial field though to become jaded and believe that humanity is doomed. No, you just have to open your eyes.

What you see are wars, nations hating upon each other, starving children, monsters raping babies, overpopulation, dictatorships, child soldiers, suicide bombings and extreme poverty.

You see the human made global warming destroying coral reefs, creating more severe and unpredictable weather patterns and effecting agriculture and economies.

You see people caring more about their looks than about kindness and love. You see employers exploiting their employees.

You see the media purposefully destroying people’s reputation and their lives. And you see politicians drive entire countries into ruin because of selfish, financial interests.

You see that this planet and our value system is endangered and humanity is to blame. 

It’s hard not to stick your head in the sand and resign to the fact that there is nothing left to do, other than watch how we self-destruct everything we have or once had.

It is almost impossible to remain hopeful that there is a chance for us to come together as a global community and turn things around. 

How the World Domination Summit Changed Everything

It was with those thoughts and beliefs that I flew to Portland on July 4th and it is with a completely changed mindset that I am now writing this post only one week later.

The amount of love, selflessness, respect, vision, care, generosity, sincerity and thoughtfulness that I have experienced in those few days at the World Domination Summit has been overwhelming – in a very good way.

The people I connected with were beyond inspiring. The stories that I was able to hear often gave me goosebumps. The messages that were related to us by keynote speakers gave me new visions.

The projects, both environmental and human related, that I learned about took my breath away and made me cry on many occasions.

There is Scott Kaufman of charity water who gave up his hip lifestyle in NYC to provide clean water to those who are in desperate need for it.

There is Rita who spreads some much needed love by giving hugs and by simply being a genuinely glowing person.

There is Chantelle of one girl who provides education for girls in Sierra Leone and thereby changing the entire country.

There is Marthe who, like me, is recovering from an eating disorder and is inspiring and moving people with her writing (she’s doing a much better job than I am, BTW).

There is Stephanie who donated $10 to a charity of her choice every single day for a year.

There is Tamarisk who learned of her extremely high risk of breast cancer, had a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy, talks about it and is thereby helping women who go through the same horrific experience. How much braver can it get?

There is, of course, Brené Brown whose work empowers millions of people to (figuratively) get naked aka. vulnerable again because she knows that locking ourselves out of vulnerability means locking ourselves out of our lives.

And then there are hundreds of encouraging stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary work that won’t fit into this post.

Why You Can Change the Game Too!

Those people who are just like you and I make a real difference with limited resources, no media attention, no big marketing budgets or help of major influencers. Why? Because they believe, care and connect. 

As the summit came to a close, Chris Guillebeau presented all of us attendees with a challenge and a gift: an investment of $100 to do something extraordinary with. 

I haven’t opened my envelope with this unexpected present yet and it will remain closed until I figure out what I’m going to do with it.

One thing I know though is that it will be a game changer.

I will make a difference and so are the 999 others whose heads are undoubtedly swirling with ideas of making this world a better, more loving, more healthy place.

As I was showing off my (barely existent) Bollywood moves at the closing party on Sunday night, I was high with joy, hope and the knowledge that this planet, we as a people are not doomed.

Love is out there. People do care. People want to make changes.

They are not ignorant. They opened their eyes and now act and do good.

Humanity is coming together.

Chris Guillebeau started a movement by uniting 1000 people who are not only yearning for something to happen, but are actively doing so.

Now, it is up to those of us who were inspired to be great, use our resources and brilliance and help to Change. This. World.

I’m in! Are You?

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  • David

    I am so right there with you Anne-Sophie.

    • http://fightinganorexia.com Anne-Sophie

      Sweet! I cannot wait to see what you have in store for the world, David! :D

    • amindmedia

      Sweet! I cannot wait to see what you have in store for the world, David! :D

      • David

        Thank you A-S. Here’s the drum roll to my announcement next week. I’d love your feedback. https://vimeo.com/45579365

        • amindmedia

          You`ll get it as soon as I find the time to watch the video. This is exciting, David!

        • amindmedia

          Good stuff, David! Great thinking and eliminating. Good luck on your journey.

  • http://twitter.com/LolaSpeaking Rita Chand

    Oh. My. I cry as i write this. Thank you. Thank you for including me in your list of people who inspired you this past weekend. Of the people who restored your belief in humanity. I am so moved by your experience and I haven’t stopped thinking of you since I got home. I am going to send you an email to share with you an idea I have and I want you to be a part of. You’re amazing Anne-Sophie! I already love you and II only just met you. xoxoxo

    • amindmedia

      Rita, how could I have not included you in the list? You are radiating love and enthusiasm and this is so rare these days. I know you have a pure heart and want nothing more than to make a difference and make people connect with their inner beauty. You are awesome. Cannot wait to get your email and hear what you are thinking about. Love you

  • Tess The Bold Life

    What an awesome post. This is how change happens by sharing and caring from the heart. Keep up your very needed work and know that you are a bright shining star leading the way for many others to follow.

    • amindmedia

      Hi Tess, great to see you here. Thank you for your kind words. You are right, change happens with love and by sharing it. As Danielle LaPorte said: Love is scalable. We just have to take action and work with it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/shewach Steven Shewach

    Beautiful post. I too have not opened my envelope containing my seed fund for changing the world. I’m still processing the weekend, but know this. It was life-affirming and life-changing.

    • amindmedia

      Steven, thanks for your comment! I think we are all this processing all the things we`ve learned and experienced. There is just so very much to take in, isn`t there? I cannot wait to see what you will use your fund for. Please keep us updated.

  • http://www.devacoaching.com Sandi Amorim

    How could I not be in after such an extraordinary weekend and meeting so many amazing, inspiring folks? Including you Anne-Sophie, for you are a bright star and I so look forward to seeing what you do with your $100!

    • amindmedia

      Sandi, I was beyond excited to finally had the chance to meet you in person. It is YOU who is the bright star and you are changing the world already. Sending you much, much love, my friend.

  • Marthe

    Thank you so much for your kind words, your support and for your beautiful writing. You are the one providing hope, Anne-Sophie! <3

    • amindmedia

      Marthe, how exciting to see you here and for commenting. I guess we all do our best to inspire each other, but you certainly are one of the dining stars out there. Sending you love and hope to talk again soon.


      Am 13.07.2012 um 09:33 schrieb “Disqus” :

  • Tamarisk

    Wow. Wow, wow, wow. Thank you for including me, I’m honoured. I absolutely love how we chatted on Twitter and within an hour we were sharing a yummy meal, delicious drinks and amazing stories. I had such a great evening with you and I’m so glad we both had the courage to show up for it. Big love xoxo

    • amindmedia

      Hi Tamarisk, how great to see you here again! Yes, I loved how we got together so randomly and we had one of the best nights ever. We’ll not lose sight of each other, OK? Sending tons of love your way!

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